Saturday, December 4, 2010

cue the 20th Century Fox drum roll...

The Goal: Starting January 1, 2011 I will post once a day about something I find completely awesome about Star Wars. Some of these awesome things will be obvious, some of them will be utterly ridiculous, and some of them will be bizarrely specific. But they will all be awesome.

Why? Star Wars doesn't just own my soul, it IS my soul. Easily 60-70% of my being is composed of Star Wars. I am very okay with this.

I watched the full frame VHS of the Original Trilogy so many times that when I got the widescreen DVDs I kept being startled by things on the edges of the picture that I'd never seen before. When I am scared or upset, it is quotes from Star Wars that rush reassuringly through my head. I am still genuinely surprised when someone I know watches Star Wars without me because while growing up this was unheard of. Everyone watched Star Wars with me. Friends, neighbours, family: if they wanted to watch Star Wars they would watch it with me.

I've been obsessed since childhood and as such have accumulated an alarming amount of Star Wars crap merchandise. At any point over the last 13 years when faced with the need for something and could find a Star Wars version for a similar price, that was the one I ended up with. But unlike most things acquired while growing up, I still think all the Star Wars stuff is awesome (Beanie Babies WISHED they had the staying power of a Darth Maul lunchbag).

Do I know everything about Star Wars? Absolutely not. And I won't pretend I do. My knowledge and love is based mostly in the movies. All of the Expanded Universe stuff is fun, but it always leaves me longing for the original trilogy, so I end up watching it again. And again.

So get excited because 2011 is going to be the year of unending Star Wars appreciation. Just like every other year of my life.

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